The Android mobile phone OS has really changed the way people are using their smartphones today. We are now able to do all our banking, taxation, invoicing, even checking in at the airport with only a few taps on our phone. The future of communication is here and we are embracing it.

Android OS is now available on more phones than ever before.

Android OS, The Future Of Mobile Phone Systems

Android and Apple’s iOS are the two largest and most popular mobile operating systems today, but in today’s competitive world we believe that it is better than iOS. Now, you may be wondering why we say that, and it all comes down to 10 main points of differences with iOS, which are:

Android Just Have More Apps.

Google App store is where you’ll find most of the Android apps. While the App Store market place for IOS has been around longer, and with over 2 million apps available today, the Android store has more than 2.5 million apps. In addition to having more apps in general, it also has more free apps compared to the iOS App Store. In fact, there are more free apps available for Android than the total number of Apple’s IOS apps.

Android OS Offers More Options Than iOS

With all the customization available with Android OS, including the option of completely replacing the software on an Android phone, it offers so much more than the other OS’ available today. You can completely change the screen layout on an Android phone, in fact, you can even make it look like one of its competitors. Additionally, you can add widgets to access information faster directly from your home screen, even change your keyboard, email app, and color by the tap of only one button,. By being so easily adjusted to each individual’s personal preference there is no wonder why the Android OS is the most popular mobile operating system today. Furthermore, Android phones are available from a large number of manufacturers, providing a wider range of Android capable phones compared to the exclusive nature of Apple’s products. Depending on your personal need and the wide variety of specifications and different designs on offer, there will be an Android phone available for you at just about any budget. In contrast to Apple’s devices, almost anyone can afford an Android phone. It may not be the fastest or the shiniest out there, but will nevertheless give you a true smartphone experience. With that in mind it is important to know that the system you have chosen also gives you access to the largest amount of apps, especially the free ones. Therefore, Android is be the best choice.