An iPhone is a handheld telecommunication device used for multiple purposes among them being its camera. It’s designed and marketed by Apple. It was Introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007, it is one of the Apples most successful products and also the most successful product of all times. To date over a billion of them have been sold.

Features Of An IPhone

The multi-touch screen builds the user interface, with a virtual keyboard. The iPhone is instilled with WI-FI which enables it to connect to a cellular network, it has a camera for taking photos, it can shoot videos as well as play music. Messages and emails can be sent and received as well. There is also an app store which enables downloading of apps for the device.

This is an iPhone 7 having the all-new 12MP Camera

It has a ƒ/1.8 aperture suitable for low-light photos and 4K videos. It performs 2x faster than iPhone 6 thanks to features like An A10 Fusion chip. It has the longest battery life, immersive stereo sound, runs on the iOS 10 and is splash and dust resistant. It also has faster LTE as well as Touch ID. With all these features, who wouldn’t want to own such a phone.

Apple App Store

Apple App store is a digital distribution for mobile apps which allow users to browse and download apps. as of January 2017, the store had over 2.2 million Apps available. The store is designed in a way that it enables customers to discover games and new apps it even recommends for them the best ones. Developers have a way of monetizing their apps ranging from free to paid apps.

Why Go For IPhone

iPhone is pocket-sized meaning its easy to move around with, it has a high sell a show that it is a trusted brand all over the world with the longest battery life. it’s security features are up to date where it able to read fingerprint for it to open, such features make it easy to trace once stolen. It also has pressure-sensitive touch inputs.